• Sebastian Janus

Travel as a way of growing, understanding mankind and creating a better future…

I am absurdly lucky even to be writing this post. 5 months ago I started to travel around the world. I remember thinking how surreal it was that I really decided to quit my corporate job and to follow my passion.

But today, I just left Asia, where I spent 5 months in 12x different countries. I have been working for different NGOs and met a lot of new friends and cultures. For the first time in my life I did Yoga and meditation and both became part of my daily life today.

My journey is still young. The decision for it couldn’t come at a more perfect time in the world. People are increasingly living in digital bubbles, trust in institutions is at a record low, and companies realize they have a greater responsibility to society.

I have been speaking with people, who don’t really have a real home, but I have never seen someone before who was so often laughing as these people. They are just happy even without having anything.

It also made me realize that already today so many people, no matter how poor they are, have access to the internet via their smartphone. I am often thinking about the next ten years, what this will bring to us and what it will mean to the vision of my own life.

It is almost halftime of my journey and it has taught me two things: people are fundamentally good, and we are 99% the same.

I can’t wait to share my upcoming experiences in Australia, New Zealand and South america.

My journey has been a wild ride so far, but the decision to do it was the best one in my entire life.

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